Thursday, May 1, 2008

Flash Fiction

Index of the Flash Fiction reviewed on this site.

Bartleby Snopes: "Auspex Usurped" - Matthew Falk

Flash Fiction Online: "Strive to be Happy" - David Tallerman

Flash Fiction Online: "James Brown is Alive and Doing Laundry in South Lake Tahoe" - Stefanie Freele

Freight Stories: “Why We Came to Target at 9:58 on a Monday Night” - Andrew Roe

Frigg: “Don’t Buy Me This Crap, Will You?” - Daphne Buter

Hobart: "I've Got Dreams to Remember" - Andrew Bomback

Lamination Colony: "UNFINISHED" - Ron Burch

Linnet's Wings: "Thunderhead" - Gary Cadwallader

Monkeybicycle: "Feet in Socks" - Amy Guth

PANK: "You Should Know" - Lauren Becker

Smokelong Quarterly: "Gerontophile: An Imposition" - S.H. Gall

Snowvigate: “Down the Road” - Kim Chinquee

Temenos: "The First Time He Met a Communist" - Rusty Barnes

Vestal Review:
"Intercourse" - Robert Olen Butler

Wigleaf: "This Story Is Not about Ham and Cheese Sandwiches" - Barry Graham

ZYZZYVA: "The Carousel" - Cory Garfin

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