Thursday, May 1, 2008

Short Stories

Index of the short stories reviewed on this site.

Agni: "The Whale Hunter" - Steinur Bell "NIGHT" - Jessica Pishko

Barrelhouse: “Red” - Mike Landweber

bearcreekfeed: "The Tackiness of Souls" - jac jemc

decomp: Propping Frisco" - Patrick Kelling

DOGZPLOT: "Fistful" - Elizabeth Ellen

Eclectica: "Steiner Requests That His Hole Be Dug in Poland" - D. E. Fredd

elimae: "Out of the Land of the Snow Men" - Norman Lock

Fiction Weekly:Gods for Sale” - Patricia O'Donnell

Fourteen Hills: "Headland" - John Somerville

Guernica: "Waiting" - E.C. Osondu

Harpur Palate: "To Write a Romance" - Sarah Domet

Ink Pot: "Half of a Yellow Sun" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Juked: "Is There Life on Mars?" - Kyle Hemmings

Memorious: "At the Core" - Evan Lavender-Smith

Narrative Magazine: "Magic Words" - Jill McCorkle

Night Train: "Stone Dog" - by Merry Speece

NOÖ: "Far From the Eyes of the Sun" - Aaron Hellem

Our Stories: "AAA" – Jo Page

Storyglossia: "The Man in Africa" - Michael J. Davis

storySouth: "Johnny Cash Beset by Darkness" - John Marshall Daniel

The Summerset Review: "Bathtub Mary"- by Allie Larkin

Thieves Jargon:
"I Tried, But it Turned Into a Deal" - James Greco

TQR: "Celibate Jayne the Hammerhand" - Michael John Grist

Wag's Review: "Artificial Light" - Raleigh Holiday

Word Riot: "Ten Gallon Bucket of French Fries" - Mike Young

Zoetrope: All-Story Extra: "Running the Room" – Pia Z. Ehrhardt