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Rick Rofihe has published in The New Yorker, The New York Times, and Swink, and in many other publications as well. A recipient of the Whiting Writer's Award, he currently teaches at the Gotham Writer's Workshop.

Nominated Short Story: "NIGHT" - Jessica Pishko

Review: by Julie Ann Shapiro

"NIGHT" is an eloquent snap shot of Claire who is on a double date with her best friend post high school. Their destination is somewhere between adulthood and the road to finding oneself, but is lost in moments of drunkenness, yet found again, in the often uninhibited state of intoxication. Claire’s hopelessness with her boyfriend is so authentic. She longs to be cared for like her Dad when he picked her up from drunken high school parties and played Mozart on the way home in silence without judgment. In this almost sacred dome she felt love in its purest form so different than what she feels with Carlos who calls her fat and wants sex. She gives in to him, to the bottle, anything to not feel the heartache and sadness of missing her Dad. And all the while there is her best friend, Kim who is doing her best to care, telling her there are guys that think she’s hot, better guys than Carlos. But Claire has such a low opinion of herself. She wallows in her self pity and sadness trying to be numb, pretending to not care.

The story ends with the couples in their respective beds. There's a sex scene for Claire as unsatisfying as it always is with Carlos drunk and passed out. You know it’s not the end, that there are going to be dozens of nights like this for Claire before she has the guts to rescue herself.

Reviewer's Bio:

Julie Ann Shapiro is a freelance writer, novelist, short story author and Pushcart Nominee. She is flash fiction editor of the new print magazine, Conclave Journal. Julie's novel, Jen-Zen and the One Shoe Diaries is published by Synerge Books. Published short stories and essays have appeared in the San Diego Union Tribune, North County Times, Los Angeles Journal, Pindeldyboz, Sacred Waters/Fire: (Adams Media 2005), storySouth, Word Riot, Opium Magazine, Insolent Rudder, Cezzane’s Carrots, Mad Hatters Review, Ghoti Magazine, Spoiled Ink, Void, Elimae, Footsteps to Oxford, Salome, Skive, The 2nd Hand, Millennium Shift, Mega Era Magazine, Science Fiction and Fantasy World, Green Tricycle, Long Story Short, Storyglossia, Static Movement, Bewildering Times, Somewhat, Uber, Moon Dance, The Quarterly Staple, Journal of Modern Post, Rumble, Long Story Short, Cellar Door Magazine (Spring and Summer Issues 2005), Edifice Wrecked, Espresso Fiction, Flash Fiction – Coffee Cup Series Issue I & II, Red, Neon, Steel Moon Publishing, Every Day Fiction , ISM Quarterly and other magazines.

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