Thursday, May 1, 2008


Blogs and Websites:

Ann M Amodeo (Zen of Writing)
Beverly Jackson
Blake Butler (No One Does That)
Clifford Garstang
Dave Clapper
David Erlewine (Whizbyfiction)
David Schwartz (Notes From Northern California)
Don Capone
Elaine Chiew (god shuffles his feet)
Elizabeth Glixman (In The Moment)
Ellen Meister
Endless Knots (Jessica Lipnack)
Gabriel Orgrease (Orgrease Crankbait)
Girija Trope
Gwen Notes
Jason Jordan
Jai Clare
Jim Tomlinson
John Matthew Fox (BookFox)
Jordan Rosenfeld
Julie Ann Shapiro
Justine Musk
Katrina Denza
Kay Sexton ( Writing Neuroses)
Kelly Spitzer (Writers in Profile)
Kim Chinquee
Linera Lucas
LitPark (Susan Henderson)
Mary Akers
Maryanne Stahl
Matt Bell
Myfanwy Collins
Pamela Erens
Perpetual Folly (Cliff Garstang)
Randall Brown
Ravi Mangla (Recommended Reading)
Richard Lewis
Ron Currie Jr.
Roy Kesey
Rusty Barnes

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